Predictive Index

Tired of operating at half capacity? We’ll show you how to build magical teams and inspire your people to perform at their highest levels. The Predictive Index empowers leaders to use talent optimization software and people data insights to reach their business goals.

Because getting rich data insights shouldn’t be hard

People who take our assessments can’t believe how quick and simple they are to complete. Using our talent optimization platform is a breeze too. After all, what good is an assessment if it’s hard to put the resulting insights into action?

Use the PI platform to:

  • Collect people data
  • Hire top talent
  • Build self-awareness and boost interpersonal relationships
  • Develop employees and managers
  • Ensure senior leaders agree on business strategy
  • Map leadership abilities of the executive team to identify any gaps
  • Boost engagement

Streamline hiring with the PI platform

Candidates can have a pedigreed resume, glowing references, and the needed skill set, but if they’re not behaviorally and cognitively wired for the job, they’ll fizzle out fast. Add rigor to your hiring process by measuring candidates for behavioral and cognitive fit.

Use the PI platform to:

  • Set the behavioral and cognitive requirements for jobs
  • Send pre-employment assessments to candidates
  • See which candidates are a behavioral and cognitive match
  • Generate interview questions to probe into candidates’ behavioral fit
  • Onboard new employees according to their behavioral preferences

Elevate the way you manage

Many managers assume they can drive success by following the Golden Rule: Treat others as you wish to be treated. But one-size-fits-all management is a recipe for disaster. Our platform gives you tools to inspire effectively according to behavioral preferences.

Use the PI platform to:

  • Build your self-awareness
  • Discover individuals’ behavioral drives and needs
  • Compare two people to understand how they’ll work together
  • Coach and develop employees
  • Evaluate how well you’re motivating your team

A platform that’s designed for everyone

The Predictive Index is a tool for leaders at every level, from CEOs on down to individual contributors. We encourage our clients to grant every employee access to our platform. When you give people the gift of understanding themselves and others, real magic can happen.

We want to share our tools with as many people as possible—and we want everyone to feel comfortable using our tools. To ensure PI is inclusive, we’ve localized our platform in 70+ languages and removed gender pronouns from our PI Behavioral Assessment™ reports.

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BA normally takes about 6 minutes to complete

Video Demo of PI

Video Demo of The Predictive Index Instrument. New employee engagement accelerator and strategic planning modules coming soon.